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Division of property in New York

New York is considered to be an "equitable distribution" state. This means that separate property will remain with the spouse who owns it. Separate property includes any property owned before marriage as well as gifts and inheritances. Separate property will also include gains earned on separate property and property that is acquired in exchange for separate property.

On the other hand, marital property, or property that is acquired during the marriage, is equitably divided between the two spouses based on the following criteria:

  • The contribution of spouses to obtaining said marital property - this includes the contribution of spouses serving as a homemaker
  • Income and value of spouse's property at the time of marriage and at the time of divorce
  • Probable future financial situations of each spouse
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and overall health of both spouses
  • The sources of income and amounts of the spouses
  • Any potential loss of inheritance or pension rights that may occur once marriage is dissolved
  • Whether the property is considered as part of the maintenance
  • Needs of children who require a custodial parent to occupy the marital home
  • The types of marital property in question (i.e., liquid or non-liquid)
  • How difficult it may be to determine a spouses interest in property ownership or other investment
  • Tax consequences which may come to either party
  • Wasteful disposal of assets
  • Any noted transfer of property that may have been made in anticipation of divorce by either party
  • Other factors required to determine a fair division of property between the two spouses

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Timely response getting the forms and easy downloads. Patience is the keeper to getting through the process. Thank you DivorceOnLine.

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I had a lot of anxiety about filling out the paperwork myself to the point where I put it off for almost 5 years. I found this site and it made everything so easy. I had to call customer service about a couple of questions I didn't know how to answer and they were informative and helpful.

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All questions were very straightforward and everything was easy to navigate through

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The service was great from start to finish. I love how fast they called to make sure everything was in order and ready to go. Easiest way to go.

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Really simple process and super convenient! Highly recommend it to anyone.

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Seems to be a very helpful and less stressful service for me being that I am disabled. Thank you for your help.

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My divorce forms was put together quickly. Process was easy and seemless.

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I would recommend this service. It's so easy, you can do everything yourself.

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I found this process to be easy and stress free. It was clear and self explanatory.

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